Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lacebook continues

These pages are for Deb. Her theme is couples.

This image was scanned onto fabric from a 1912 Woman's Home Companion Magazine.

A copper heart button

There is a sheet of Mozart's music as the base for this page.

The second page is the kiss.

A vintage corsage, vintage earring, and rhinestone button in silk ribbon flower.

The book is becoming full!
Two more participates to add to her book.
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  1. oh these are sweet and precious. I'm really loving the way you set up that second page, with the floral on top, the square in the center, and the oval at the bottom. It flows beautifully -- and the details are beautiful.

  2. Hi Liz You really do know how to create such full and luscious lace pages. These are both gorgeous especially love the bronze colours with the whites and all your precious little embellishments.
    Beautiful work!
    Thank you for your kind comment on Amalia's birthday journal!
    Hope your week is going well!