Monday, January 30, 2012

Spirit Cloth

Awhile back, I found Jude Hill and her Spirit Cloth.
It had me spell bound for a long time.

I have recently joined her wonder-filled on-line class; and I have been very inspired to process and create ideas that have been percolating.

The spell has been lifted, my hands and heart are ready~ the right moment is Now.
My Japanese quilt has never felt right. I adore the fabrics I found.
Some are old, some are from old kimonos, some I bought in Japan, some given to me...

After eight years, I am removing the machine quilting

and batting.

It is receiving a new Spirit......
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  1. Hi Liz
    Beautiful fabrics here - Love Jude's work and now I can't wait to see the quilt's new spirit!

  2. this is a very beautiful post. i will
    what comes of all that change...

  3. Thank you for the encouraging words.....

  4. and there i am in the sidebar!
    will be watching....

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