Friday, May 4, 2012

Lacebook Round Robin

The last page I worked on for "A Woman In Paris" 
 Hand colored photo, lace pocket, French knots on silk ribbon
Inside the pocket, a stamped and painted ATC card 

The rose is made with fused silk dupioni and a pinecone die cut

Viola!! Only one more person to make pages to complete her book 
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Lacebook Round Robin "A Woman in Paris"

These pages were created for my friend Socrates.

Her vintage theme was A Woman in Paris
Originally her theme had millinery....hence the references in my pages

Silk ribbon rose on top of vintage netting and hat pin.

A Valentine's Day birthday is whispered throughout

Back of previous page
Collage of laces and trims

Image on the tag is from a millinery book;
with added stamping and painting

 Vintage earring

 Machine stippling on the back of page
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Felix's Onesie and Blanket

 Last weekend, my daughter and I attended an Alabama Chanin workshop in Portland Oregon.

Projects are stencilled and stitched...layered and revealed....
 Reverse applique blanket in progress

 Our hand stitches are similiar to our hand writing...
Mine are big and extroverted.

 The cotton jersery is soft and snuggie.

 Stitched with thick and doubled buttonhole should last for several generations
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lacebook continues

These pages are for Deb. Her theme is couples.

This image was scanned onto fabric from a 1912 Woman's Home Companion Magazine.

A copper heart button

There is a sheet of Mozart's music as the base for this page.

The second page is the kiss.

A vintage corsage, vintage earring, and rhinestone button in silk ribbon flower.

The book is becoming full!
Two more participates to add to her book.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Spirit Cloth

Awhile back, I found Jude Hill and her Spirit Cloth.
It had me spell bound for a long time.

I have recently joined her wonder-filled on-line class; and I have been very inspired to process and create ideas that have been percolating.

The spell has been lifted, my hands and heart are ready~ the right moment is Now.
My Japanese quilt has never felt right. I adore the fabrics I found.
Some are old, some are from old kimonos, some I bought in Japan, some given to me...

After eight years, I am removing the machine quilting

and batting.

It is receiving a new Spirit......
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Lace Book continues

This is Teri's 1920's Jazz Book

I made three 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" pages
There are "in process" photos
~as well as the completed page

The necklace came from my mother-in-law

Silk wire ribbon flower with brass button~
"Feather" lace with couched silver beads

On this page I put more Bling!
Blue sequin belt from thirft shop

The blue flower is from old millinery supplies from my mom
An ad from 1920's music book
Feather is old Sarah Coventry jewelery, with some fuzzy irridesent thread behind
(because we are sending over seas, no real feathers and fur...)
Image is a stamp I found

Painted covered button I found at local shop

Vintage beaded trim on leftside ~from my stash
Rhinestones across the top were from my daughter's prom dress
Music button and blue heart buttons~ from my stash

This page has more millinery stash
Embroidery design ~I downloaded from Urban Threads
an art deco bracelet
more music ads
gold fringe
velvet ribbon

This photo is my Grandma Kindseth ~1920's era
A rhinestone "T" for Teri

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